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This is the reincarnation of BC peeps!!!


  I've finished updating the calender for the month by adding the best game releases for September, or basically my faves . If any body wants to make a request for events or b-days post a request on my profile, or on the guestbook. Peace out !!! (I'm not copying Fred, cause I did'nt say home dogs) 

Wake Up and Hear The Music 2

  I've added new music, trance style seems to fit my personality, super speedy ( Trance music is generally characterized by a tempo of between 130 and 155 BPM ). It's also very technoish, not a word, but it fits trances description. Anyways the song is Crying Soul by DJ Splash, hope ya like it!!!

PS: You can pause it by going to the bottom of the screen.  


  This website is back online again after a total of three month desertion, Xixen has clearly kept track of that !!! New blog entries and forum posts will be added. We also have a new member, Super 64. Any ways the site be tediously updated in the future months. The template has also changed, yays, the BC is showing!!! The top of the crescent doesn't show, but it is still awesome      

logo contest

  So far this site has gotten some entries for the logo contest, like I said there has been no official due date, as I stated. But over the weeks you will see a few of the entries viewed and you can tell me what you members think. The first viewed entry is shown. To bad the B.C. is not showing on the header . This entry is by Xixen.

Summer Freedom

  If any of you have seen the calender and are not blind then you hopefully have realized it is Summer!!! I will do my best to also find any game releases on http://www.vgreleases.com/, which will be shown on the pv section calender, and the upcoming events on the right side bar. By the way a CONTESTS AND GAMES SECTIONS WILL BE MADE AND IS ON THE NAVIGATION BAR, THIS ALSO A GREAT WAY TO GET YOUR ATTENTION! The website is now up to 9 members, and by the way thanks to are newest member GOD for uploading some combat arms pics, and to Xixen for the cheats matrix.      


  Lately I've been working on the cheats with aTastyCookie: i don't have oneon the cheats section. we will have posted the cheats by the end of the week and if you woud like to add some contact me pv students. I will soon upload other reviews and guides to the site. Don't forget to post requests on the forums and on my profile.

ultimate Skills

  I fixed that glitch on the forums by deleting it and uploading the files again. There are also a few more categories you can select to write in the forums. Some more sections on the navigation bar will be created as promised on the headline and this is for Kevin H., its not my fault that I wrote in association with game guide master.webs on the footer, Vinay made me. And stop booing his site, it's not that suckish ( no offense ). Hey, at least I'm standing up for you. I'm also deleting the fire-field f-zero theme when you get onto the site until I can find out how to stop it from mingling with the noise on the videos.

New look!!!

  Hello peeps tell me if you like the new look of the site or if you think it It's suckish. I',m not sure if I like it, doesn't really fit the fiery theme. The member count is currently 4, but will be increasing throughout the week. I'm also adding a new video for line rider2 unbound to the videos that was the first video on the official site and plays the perfect sphere remix from ddr.    

New Addition to The Zelda Series

    For any Zelda fans, there has been a new game in the Zelda universe, Zelda Spirit Tracks, even though the gameplay seems good, I think that the theme of trains are kind of corny. But luckily they've brought back the awesome wind boomerang feautured in Zelda Windwaker. By the way, I'll upload the top Zelda game ranked 1st place in all of 1 up Mycheats and other gamer sites, Zelda and The Legend of ThePhantom Hourglass. I also found a trailer in HD for the game in the videos section of this site.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Wake Up and hear the Music!!!

   Hello, and if you notice when you get on to this site you should be hearing f-zero fire field, if you want any specific music just post it on my profile comments and I'll see what I can do to find it.                                                                                                                                                                     

Any ways, since this home page is part blog.

   I found an awesome profile image, even though It has totally nothing to do with my user name I found a picture of sora when he is in key blade master form. I made it this just to honor the releases of KH Birth By Sleep™ and KH 358/2 days, which I have posted a brief set of info for in the guides. I will make an actual guide for the game once it comes out. Though if you want check out their trailers go to the videos section. By the way I just finished reading the KH Chain of Memories Manga series, so I've finally finished half of the entire American KH series.                                                                        

Hello and welcome to the ultimate gaming destination that is the burnt crescent©!!! (version 1.0)

    This is my first update , on this site so if you wanna become a member feel free, if not, your loss. Being a gaming site, you can e-mail me guides if you become a trusted member, ( if you are a PV member I'll just tell you it). Cheats can be posted on the cheats page, just list the game's name, console and a list of how ever many cheats you know. To upgrade your status ( limited member, member, moderator, etc.) tell on the what your thinking bubble on your page. Videos can be posted on the video section it will be approved after I, well approve of the pending, and please list the author/ creator. Same with any pictures you post. I will update the site almost every other day (unless  I am busy). Now, enough with the policy *exhales*.                                                                                                                                                                    PS This info will be listed in the places that it talks about.